Eclipse Sprayers Ltd

Company profile

As a family-run business, Eclipse is deeply routed in tradition. Taking pride and confidence in the quality of our goods and services.

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What we do.

We design, manufacture and retail a range of specialist products for the home and garden.

From our traditional Birmingham factory, we produce hundreds of products each month, each built to last and specially designed for our customers needs. Our attention to detail and focus on quality is one of the reasons we’ve been in business so long. We’re proud of each and every product we produce, and through our network of retail partners, our British-made products can be found all over the world.

Our Values

Quality. Innovation. Integrity. Are the core values at the very heart of our organisation.

At Eclipse we strive to deliver the highest quality products by using only the finest materials, crafted to perfection using tried and tested manufacturing techniques. Our focus has always been on innovation, embracing new technologies and using them to maximise our product performance. What’s more, we’re dedicated to keeping our promises, giving great customer service and always delivering on time.

Explore our history




Harry Mould and William Grimley founded the Eclipse Spraying Company at 1 Rawlings Road, Smethwick Birmingham.

William was the engineer behind the first products, whilst Harry funded most of the venture.




Harry Mould leaves the company leaving William Grimley in charge. Eclipse Spraying Company Limited was incorporated.

The first products to be made and sold were the ‘Eclipse Leader Spraying Pumps’. The advertisement leaflet describes them as “entirely new inventions which eliminate all the disadvantages hither-to found in higher priced spraying machines”



Range expands

By now the Eclipse Sprayers product range was expanding, with mobile lime washing & spraying equipment, bucket spray pumps and anti-poultry disease flamethrowers called the “Dragon Flamethrower”all in production from the Birmingham factory.



War effort

During World War II The Eclipse No.1 Sprayer Outfit was contributed to the war effort and used as firefighting equipment during the catastrophic bomb raids throughout the UK.


New roles

In the summer of 1946 William Grimley died, leaving his two daughters Miss Hilda Grimley and Mrs Edna Collins to inherit the business.

Due to expected gender roles of the time, they attempted to remain anonymous using only their signatures on outgoing paper work.



Name change

Eclipse Sprayers Company Limited received a certificate of incorporation to become Eclipse Sprayers Limited.



Two become three

After 19 years of running the business Hilda and Edna were then joined by William Grimley’s third and youngest daughter Mrs Lilian Arnold.



Sold to Pennock family

The three daughters sold Eclipse Sprayers to John Pennock from Albrighton, near Wolverhampton.


Fine as Rain added

Eclipse Sprayers brought Fine as Rain from the Bulmer Family, it specialised in replacement watering can roses.


Damp proofing

John Pennock’s eldest son David Pennock joined the business and the manufacture of electric damp proof and timber spraying pumps commenced.



Haws purchased

Haws Watering Cans was purchased from the Elliott Group which combined with Fine as Rain to become the gardening division.



John Pennock retired

John Pennock retired and David Pennock took over as managing director.



Move to Smethwick

The company moved to purpose built premises on Beakes Road, Smethwick, Birmingham.


John Pennock passed away.


Pest control range

The first range of Eclipse Pest Control products were produced for rodent control.



Focus on exports

Steve Riley transferred from the Eclipse division to the gardening division to take up sales and improve exports.



New expertise

Jon Scott joined the company and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in sheet metal manipulation and hot dip galvanising.



New blood

David’s two sons Andrew and Richard Pennock joined the company, bringing the enthusiasm of youth to the next phase of the company’s development.